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Industrial  Testimonials



"Good Job, Very Satisfied" "Roman's Good, Amazing Talent"

Toshiba Project Manager Tim Kieffer
Pinnacle Vice President of Business Development Paul Scott


"Excellent Job"

John Pszonak, Berghammer Project Manager


"Just Phenomenal"

Recycling Solutions Partner Mark Oliver


"Excellent, Faster, Less Expensive"

Chuck Dingel, Briggs & Stratton Team Facilitator


"Fantastic Job" "Very Responsive" "Lot of Expertise"

Bill Dossett, Business Development Director, Link & Associates.
Dave Kirmse, Engineering Manager, MetalTek Investcast.
Larry Koltz, VP Quality Assurance and Engineering Services, Wisconsin Centrifugal.


"Speed Was a Big Miracle"

Axor Construction On-site Director.


"Finest People To Work With"

Leif Nesheim, President, Berghammer Corp.


"Outstanding" Job

Bill Sauer, President, Merisco Inc.


"Very Pleased"

Al Naser, President, DIC Imaging.

"Outstanding Job" "Best in the Midwest"

Robert Nagy, President, Spancrete.
Jim Babe, Project Superintendent, Voss-Jorgensen-Schueler Co.


"Serve Quickly As Needed"

John P. Malloy, Sr., President, Modern Machine.



"Good Job, Very Satisfied" "Roman's Good, Amazing Talent"

Some of the huge, turn-of-the-Twentieth Century Allis Chalmers buildings live on. One serves Toshiba. In a small corner of its enormous facility at 66th and Washington, Toshiba has constructed four clean rooms to rebuild rotors for its power generating customers.

Pinnacle Construction was the general contractor on the job. Roman Electric Company Inc. handled the electrical installation.

Roman project manager on the job, VP Gabe Rose, said they reconfigured an existing space into four permanent clean rooms. That included a new service, new fluorescent lighting, over 200 receptacles, 400 amps for the clean rooms, and different power configurations so they can plug into 480 or 120/208 volt three phase services to easily check windings on varied voltages. Jeff Jacobi was Roman foreman on the job.

Toshiba Project Manager Tim Kieffer said “Roman did a good job. We also have a Roman electrician here most of the time to disconnect and remove old Allis Chalmers electrical systems, and reroute and relocate underground crane supply DC lines.

“We have a good working relationship with Roman, they had a flexible crew and worked well to fit our schedule. During clean room construction lulls they worked on other things in the plant. We are very satisfied with the outcome”

Paul Scott, Pinnacle Vice President of Business Development, said, “I’ve done a lot of work with Roman over the years. They’re very thorough. And they know that facility better than anyone. So if anything goes wrong, they have the answer.”

He said Roman is a very experienced contractor when it comes to working in older facilities like this with DC power, high voltage and non-typical machinery.

Scott said, “It’s a really bizarre scenario where you have existing systems that you can’t replace and can’t modify so you have to work around them. Not many guys can do it but Roman is very familiar with doing that stuff. Roman’s good. They’ve got some amazing talent.”



"Excellent Job"

Bradley Corporation, headquartered in Menomonee Falls and known for its circular washfountains since 1921, has built a new manufacturing facility in Germantown.

To accommodate growth, Bradley built a new 190,000 sq ft plant at W106 N13500 Bradley Way in the Germantown Industrial Park, with enough space to add another 100,000 sq ft. Manufacturing, distribution and warehouse operations take up 180,000 sq ft with the balance housing mezzanine offices on two stories.

Berghammer Construction Corporation was the general contractor on the job. Zimmerman Architectural Studios was the architect. Working on a design/build contract, Roman Electric installed the main power supply and power to the distribution panels, and lighting for the building interior, exterior and parking lot.

Roman President Phil Rose, who managed the project, said Bradley wanted a very energy-efficient building with reduced energy costs. Overall, Bradley beat the state energy use lighting requirements by at least 50%, he said.

John Pszonak, Berghammer Project Manager, said the light fixtures are the most efficient available and there are a lot more windows here than in the typical manufacturing facility. “Roman did an excellent job,” he said. “Roman Electric is one of my favorite electricians. They did all the coordination, worked with the owner and provided extensive value engineering. They did a lot of VE to get this project within budget and help make sure the job went forward, changing everything from light fixtures to wiring to scope.”

Larry Stover, Bradley Corporation VP Staff Services & Logistics, said, “We appreciated all of Roman’s advice and support during our construction. Our employees are enjoying their new building. The lighting looks and works great.”



"Just Phenomenal"

In an entrepreneurial process of major investment, and extensive research and development, Recycling Solutions has created what one of the partners Mark Oliver calls “a new plastic recovery line that is the only one of its kind in the world.” They built the system in a 48,000 sq. ft. building at 2929 S. Chase Ave., the former Pelton Casteel foundry. Roman Electric installed the power needed for the complex system.


Oliver and his three partners began by recycling metals as Action Recyclers in 2005. Later they added cardboard and plastics. Then they saw opportunity when they watched the inefficient process used by cardboard recycling mills. About 12% of the material is waste that was in, or part of, the cardboard boxes, which the processor had to pay to dispose of in a landfill.


Planning to recycle the steel in the waste material, Recycling Solutions contracted to haul them from the processors. To find an effective shredding machine, they eventually found a German manufacturer willing to customize two machines to fit their needs.


That was the first step in building the recovery line that grew to include the shredders, magnets, fans, conveyors, shakers, a unique optical sorter, air jets, other conveyor lines, dry and wet granulators, wash systems, dryers, heaters, an extruder, cutting blades, water coolers, a vacuum system and storage silos.


To power the array of machinery Roman Electric installed a 3000 amp, 277/480 volt 3-phase main service and a vast network of different size conduit, some color coded to indicate 480 volt power, control power and safety interlocks. Roman also installed process control timers on several machines to facilitate system activities.


Mark Oliver said, “We had another electrician here but their crew just wasn’t big enough to do the job and get it done in time. One surprise for me was Roman is a union shop so they have scheduled meetings, breaks, lunches and they’re gone at 3:00. But the next morning at 6:00 they’re back and on the same schedule.


“When they’re working, that’s all they do is work. It was really nice to see how they produced. Roman did an excellent job. Their foreman Mike Blankenmeyer ran a real tight ship and he’d have 8 to 12 guys here at any given time every day for two months. They all had their tasks and they’d get them done. They were just phenomenal to work with.” Barry Dickinson, Roman Commercial/Industrial Service Manager, supervised the job.


Oliver said they now recycle ferrous and nonferrous metal, produce plastic pellets reused by plastics manufacturers, and process plastic and fiber into “fluff” which is used as a fuel source producing almost the same BTUs as coal at 1/10th the cost. He said his goal is to have Roman back later for power adjustments because they designed the plant to add a second optical sorter, wash line and extruder allowing them to double their volume.


"Excellent, Faster, Less Expensive"

Chuck Dingel, Briggs & Stratton team facilitator, inspects a  new rectifier which Roman will install to power the plating line.Roman industrial electricians skilled in power conversion technology help keep Briggs & Stratton's plating line running.


"Roman takes care of all our rectifier periodic maintenance," said Chuck Dingel, Briggs & Stratton team facilitator. "When we replace a rectifier they disconnect the old unit and power up the new one. They take care of all the busbar work, and everything electrical related to the rectifiers. We hardchrome over aluminum which is critical work on the pistons we use in our engines. If a rectifier goes bad it can impair the quality of the plating.


"We weren't happy with the service we were getting from the previous electrical contractor so we brought in Roman. They do an excellent job. Their electricians are faster so my downtime is very minimal. Plus they're less expensive."










"Fantastic Job" "Very Responsive" "Lot of Expertise"

MetalTek Investcast Division built this 29,000 sq. ft. addition to  improve and increase its production of tight-tolerance parts for  difficult environments.Metaltek Investcast Division has built a 29,000 sq. ft. addition to its Watertown investment foundry featuring a large and unique robotic system producing ceramic shells (molds). The shells are now produced in 24 hours as opposed to a process that had taken up to 10 days.

Roman Electric was originally hired to install just the electrical service for the addition. But as Roman worked with general contractor Link & Associates, Roman's participation grew into a sizable $800,000 design/build project.

Bill Dossett, business development director for Link & Associates, said, "Roman did a fantastic job! They met very tight, very stringent time constraints thanks to their great planning and coordination. We'd take equipment down Friday night and Roman would have it up and running Tuesday morning. They had all the needed material on hand and even did pre-wiring to speed hookups. Things went really, really smooth and everyone was happy.

"Roman's a great company to work with. They're number one in service and always helped the other trades with power requirements. The Associated Building Contractors chose this job as an Industrial Project of Distinction and will present awards to us and Roman."

Dave Kirmse, engineering manager at Metaltek Investcast, said, "Roman was very responsive They did a lot of things above and beyond the call of duty whenever I needed help." Larry Koltz was also pleased with Roman's performance. VP of quality assurance and engineering services for Wisconsin Centrifugal, another MetalTek Division, he was part of the project development team. "Roman brought a lot of expertise to the job. We had to increase the power available and Roman did the engineering and installation. They did a very good job and did it expeditiously."


"Speed Was A Big Miracle"

Bombardier Recreational Products, a $21.6 billion global giant,  relocated its world headquarters for outboard engines to this 600,000  sq. ft. plant in Sturtevant. Bombardier completely renovated the plant  originally built by Golden Books for printing in 1997.Bombardier Recreational Products, the $21.6 billion manufacturer of products ranging from Lear jets to Amtrak trains to Ski-doo snowmobiles, bought and renovated a 600,000 sq. ft. plant in Sturtevant to serve as world headquarters for production of its outboard engines.

Roman Electric's Racine/Kenosha office helped construction manager Axor Construction of Montreal and general contractor Berghammer Corporation remodel the plant in record time. For Roman it was the second time around since they designed and installed the original high-capacity 10.4 megawatt electrical system when the plant was built for Golden Books in 1997. Roman had a crew of up to 38 electricians on the $2 million plus renovation.

Michel Bouchard, Axor on-site director, was pleased with Roman's work. "Roman knew everything in the plant because they built the existing electrical system so it was very easy for us to modify and manage power and wiring. Roman's crew, engineer Phil Rose and project manager Rick Kugel were all very good. We started work August 1st and by September 15th had the first line ready to start producing outboard motors. That kind of speed was a big miracle."


"Finest People To Work With"


After completing a challenging, fast-paced project, Leif Nesheim, President of Berghammer Corp., said, "In just six months we completed a 535,000 sq. ft. facility, one of the largest in the area. We chose Roman for the electrical work because we needed a skilled, experienced construction team. Roman has the size, knowledge and capability to handle the large and demanding projects.


"Roman successfully satisfied three clients: us, Wispark - the developer, and the tenant. We're now working with Roman on a difficult, 500,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant with a very complex electrical system. Roman's capability is again evident. Phil and Gerv Rose are the finest people you could ever work with."




"Outstanding" Job

"Your Vice President wanted to show us the difference between Roman Electric and other electrical contractors," said Bill Sauer, President of Brown Deer manufacturer Merisco Inc. "We quickly understood what he meant. Your crew's concern was obvious from the way they shared their plans with us, to their clean up when they finished the job. Their friendly attitude, sense of urgency, concern, and attention to detail were outstanding. We look forward to having Roman work on all our electrical needs."


"Very Pleased"

When his company gutted and rebuilt its 30,000 sq. ft. specialty toner manufacturing plant, DIC Imaging President Al Naser liked Roman Electric's work. He said, "We had a very aggressive schedule and Roman's work was a major part of our meeting that accelerated timetable. I'm very pleased. They did a teriffic job!"


"Best In The Midwest"


Roman Electric installed the electrical systems in Spancrete Industries new 48,000 sq. ft. corporate building for construction manager Voss-Jorgensen-Schueler Co. Spancrete president Robert Nagy said, "Roman did an outstanding job. They were very cooperative and offered many helpful suggestions."


VJS project superintendent Jim Babe, who was also pleased, said, "Roman's foreman Rich Wenzel really did a good job. Roman is the best electrical contractor in the Midwest. With Gerv Rose, his word is his bond."







"Serve Quickly as Needed"

Modern Machine, a Cudahy producer of crankshafts, connecting rods and special machine tools, built a new 55,000 sq. ft. factory as part of an ambitious modernization program which increased it's plant space to 120,000 sq. ft. Roman Electric handled electrical work for the new plant and machine tool rewiring. "We need a lot of very sophisticated electrical work," said John P. Malloy, Sr., Modern Machine president. "Roman has handled our account for several years and done an outstanding job. We moved 150 machine tools in two weeks and Roman converted at least 60% of them from 240 to 480 volts. Roman did a remarkable job of planning and completed the job on time so we could meet scheduled deliveries. Roman is a company which develops people who keep up with technology. And they're also willing to serve quickly as needed."


Construction managers, general contractors, and owners and managers of a full range of industrial businesses have relied on Roman Electric since 1929 for skilled design and construction of their new facilities. Roman electrical engineers and designers can provide customized electrical power and lighting systems to fit the owner's needs and desires. Then Roman's crew of highly trained industrial electricians installs the system.


Electrical systems by Roman include the most effective distribution of power, maximum safety, use of highly efficient materials and tooling, compliance with all local codes, and complete customer satisfaction.



  1. A Crew of Highly Skilled Electricians
  2. Continuous Training with an Emphasis on Safety
  3. A fleet of 50 Service and Bucket Trucks
  4. A staff of Professional Engineers, Designers and Technicians
  5. Full Service Design/Build Capability
  6. Wisconsin's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Experts
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