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SolarIn homes all around the world, a new power source is appearing on rooftops. Enlightened governments, businesses and private homeowners are embracing the environmental, social and personal benefits of investing in solar electricity.


In Europe and Japan, tens of thousands of rooftop PV (Photovoltaic) generators are being installed each year to convert sunlight into electricity. In the U.S., the national Million Solar Roofs initiative will substantially boost the number of rooftop PV systems to one million, eliminating over three billion tons of pollutants annually, while strengthening the emerging US solar industry and creating tens of thousands of new jobs for Americans.


You can participate in the creation of this new energy future with the Solar Energizer - state of the art PV systems and arrays designed for easy installation and architectural compatibility on a broad range of roofs.


bp solarSolar Energizer systems make solar energy more affordable and more practical than ever before. Solar Energizers are manufactured by Solarex, a business unit of BP Amoco Group, the global energy company involved in exploration, production and manufacturing of oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, and solar energy.


Current Tips: LED Parking Lot Lighting Offers Many Benefits


LED technology is expanding into a variety of applications. Using LED lights over conventional sources to light parking lots offers many benefits.


Efficiency Because of the directional nature of LED lighting, the fixture emits nearly 100% of its light. And it delivers more lumens per watt. Plus it starts immediately and uses less energy.


Life LED lamps offer lifetimes in excess of 100,000 hours, over five times the life of older lamps.


Durability Solid-state LED technology is less fragile and susceptible to vibration and damage than conventional lamps.


Maintenance The increased life and superior durability of LED lamps significantly reduce maintenance costs.


Uniformity The directional nature of LED lights provides enhanced control of light distribution and uniformity, and little light pollution.


Control LEDs are easily dimmed or turned on or off for perimeter daylighting, or by internal motion sensors, resulting in even more savings.


Cost LEDs cost more to install than conventional lamps. But their lower energy costs, longer life, and rebates and incentives help offset installation cost. Many parking lot operations report paybacks in less than three years.


Call us for details on improving your parking lot with lighting up to 90% of natural daylight, excellent color control, improved security, and enhanced facility value.

Roman Installs Solar Energy System On Its Roof

Roman Electric installed a 5 kilowatt, 30 photovoltaic panel solar system on its roof to show people how solar systems work and demonstrate the electric power generated by photovoltaic panels. Three Roman electricians install hardware and wiring prior to activating the solar panels and generating power.


Homeowner Adds Energy Generating Solar Panels

When Chuck Ritzenthaler of West Bend decided to have photovoltaic solar panels installed on his house, he chose Roman Electric for the installation. Chuck said, "I was very pleased with Roman's work. The Roman electricians were very good. If I had a question Mike would answer it. He was very informative, paid attention to detail, and took a lot of pride in what he was doing. Roman did a great job."


Current Trends
As Benefits Grow, LED Use Increases

In new construction we’re seeing a lot more use of LED lighting. Plus firms upgrading commercial and industrial lighting are more often choosing LED systems.

When they first came out, LEDs were only available in the traditional forms and fixtures. But designers began creating fixtures and systems specifically for LED lights. Now we’re seeing efficient systems and decreasing prices so that in a few years LEDs will be competitive with fluorescent systems.

Twenty years ago we put in high intensity discharge systems. Then 10 years ago we began replacing them with high efficiency fluorescent systems. Now we’re starting to replace some of those with LED systems.

Change took time because of the cost and development of technology. One major change was the development of the prime blue light needed to create the new white LED light. It allowed us to go from LED color lights to efficient natural white light.

Major benefits are that LEDs love the cold while fluorescents hate it. And LEDs have long lasting light. They offer lifetimes in excess of 100,000 hours while metal halides and fluorescents have lives of only up to 20,000 hours.

LEDs also offer much greater control because they give you a point source as opposed to the linear source you get with fluorescents. LEDs have small point sources and you can aim each one. So LEDs give you large arrays of point sources and you can aim each point where you want it to go.

Now manufacturers are coming out with high intensity LEDs with very bright light sources that can be delivered much more efficiently. In some cases you can get 100 lumens of light per watt from an LED. Because you get more lumens per watt and much better control, you can often replace existing lighting with LED fixtures yielding more lumens at half the electrical cost.

There’s also a whole new world of controls and dimmers. LEDs are much easier to dim than metal halides or fluorescents. And there are many controls available to do it. For example, in a classroom we used to install fluorescents with switches so users could turn some off and have two levels of lighting. We could also add occupancy sensors so lights would turn off when no one was in the room.

With LEDs, we can put in remote dimming relays, wireless dimming controls to increase or decrease light in specific areas, occupancy sensors to turn off light in empty rooms, and daylight sensors to automatically dim light when there’s enough natural light. And it’s easy to do with LEDs equipped with these new breeds of wireless sensors and basic controls.

Plus you have excellent color control and lighting providing up to 90% of natural daylight. With light systems that will only need to be replaced by the next generation of electricians.

Call us to learn more about increasing light and reducing cost: 414-771-5400.


Energy Efficient Lighting Can Save Significant $$$


Growing Demand For Solar Power Systems

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