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Healthcare Remodel


Why Choose Roman Electric Company?

Because building and remodeling Healthcare facilities requires specialized skills. Skills Roman Electric has developed in the construction of buildings and additions, in automating equipment, upgrading power systems and improving security. That's why construction managers, general contractors, and owners and managers of Healthcare firms have relied on Roman Electric since 1929 for skilled design and construction when building and remodeling.

Roman electrical engineers and designers can provide customized electrical power, patient care, and lighting systems to fit your needs and desires. Then Roman's highly trained Healthcare electricians and cable technicians install the new or renovated systems.

Electrical remodeling by Roman includes the most effective distribution of power, maximum safety, use of highly efficient materials and tooling, compliance with all local codes, and complete customer satisfaction.


Experience and Capability:


All Saints Healthcare Expands Racine Facility


Expansive Growth for Community Memorial Hospital


Major Renovation at St. Mary's Medical Center in Racine



All Saints Healthcare Expands Racine Facility

All Saint’s substantially expanded Atrium Professional Building (left) features a remodeled first floor and new second and third floors.All Saints Healthcare in Racine is building and remodeling facilities to substantially expand patient care. Roman Electric is a major contributor in the construction activities.

All Saints added second and third floors to its existing Atrium Professional Office Building to accommodate exam and procedure rooms for dermatology, urology, audiology, gastroenterology, and plastic surgery services. First floor orthopedics and physical therapy areas were also remodeled.

Roman wired the shell building and added power, lighting and controls for each specialty area, working one department at a time, and installed two 400 amp panel boards for each floor.

Long Cable Run

To upgrade several cable lines, Roman TechNet installed 800 ft. of 900 pair (1800 wires) telephone cable in a four inch conduit. In a second four inch conduit they installed two innerduct packages of multimode and single mode fiber optic cable for the hospital’s data backbone. Included were low voltage fire alarm cable and two conduits reserved for emergency power.

New Health Pavilion

All Saints Healthcare’s new 174,000 sq. ft. women and children’s center, called St. Luke’s Health Pavilion (at right), looks out on a peaceful, natural setting. Services provided there include labor and delivery, mammography, ultrasound, gynecology, pediatrics and neonatal intensive care. Roman’s largest job on the project was All Saints’ new St. Luke’s Health Pavilion, a 174,000 sq. ft. facility designed to provide care for the special needs of women and children. Services include labor and delivery, mammography, ultrasound, gynecology, pediatrics and neonatal intensive care.

To provide power system redundancy, Roman installed a 2000 amp main switchboard fed by two transformers. Should one transformer fail, the other takes over the complete power load. Roman also put in five separate transfer switches for emergency power, all branch circuitry, and lighting.

Roman TechNet installed low voltage systems including a sophisticated infant alarm system, and nurse call, security, patient arrival and intercom systems.

Gabe Rose was Roman project manager and Scott Archie was Roman TechNet project manager.

“Fantastic Job”

Project manager Matt Prince, of Riley Construction, said, “Roman did a great job. Roman foreman Vern Lahti was very detail-oriented, conscientious and intelligent. He was a pleasure to work with. He kept his guys focused and prioritized and really contributed to the success of the project.”

All Saints project coordinator Lori Ley said, “Roman did a fantastic job. They’re really great guys.”

Expansive Growth for Community Memorial Hospital

Community Memorial Hospital is undergoing a $60 million expansion.A $60 million expansion at Community Memorial Hospital in Menomonee Falls has added a 50,000 sq. ft. Heart and Vascular Center, new birthing center, Women’s Health Center, more surgical services, new offices and two major additions.

Roman Electric is providing about $5 million worth of power and lighting for the additions and remodeling.

Roman installed two 4000 amp primary substations. To insure power at all times, Roman electricians also installed a new emergency power plant consisting of four 600KW generators and a new 2000 amp distribution center.

Work on the south addition was critical because power lines had to be run through the existing hospital without disrupting services. Work was done on split shifts, nights and weekends so power would be up and running in the morning. Roman installed the fire alarm system too and Roman TechNet put in the paging and clock systems. Project manager was John Perse.

General contractor on the job was Voss Jorgensen Schueler with senior project manager Pat Seegers and project managers Matt Burow and Alex Dittrich. Charles Geiger, lead engineer for Arnold & O’Sheridan Electrical Engineers said, “A hospital is a 24/7 operation so maintaining power was the challenge. Roman did well. They did a lot of advanced planning and kept outages to a minimum.”

The hospital’s representative on the job is Pam Parker, who retired as COO last year and is now administrative consultant. “This is a very complex project with many challenges,” she said. “I can’t praise Roman foreman Kevin Schlax enough. He and the electricians working with him were extremely professional and sensitive to our needs. They worked in the middle of the night to minimize disruptions. We’ve been very pleased. I’ve never worked with Roman before and I have nothing but praise for the work they’re doing.”

Major Renovation at St. Mary's Medical Center in Racine

St. Mary’s Medical Center in Racine remodeled and expanded its surgical services department. Roman Electric had to carefully organize its work to maintain cleanliness standards and accommodate surgery schedules.All Saints Medical Group, the major provider of healthcare in Racine County, has completed a 14 month renovation of its St. Mary's Medical Center in Racine. The multi-million dollar project reflects the growing emphasis on outpatient services.

Work included adding two more floors of parking and an enclosed walkway connecting the parking structure to the outpatient building, construction of a central lab and outpatient surgical offices in shell space, and a major upgrading of the operating room environment.

Bill Lauzon, All Saints construction engineer, said the job was 90% remodeling and 10% expansion. Roman Electric's Racine/Kenosha Division handled the $1,112,000 worth of electrical remodeling with crews of up to 25 electricians.

Outpatient Convenience

St. Mary's surgical services department was increased from 25,000 to 42,470 sq. ft. Two general purpose operating rooms were added, bringing the number of ORs to 12.

Reconfiguration made operating rooms larger and allocated space to better serve outpatients - 70% to 80% of surgery is now done on an outpatient basis. Pre- and post- surgical service improvements include recovery rooms with greater privacy and comfort, and room for parents of young patients.

Roselle Donaldson, RN, director of surgical services, said the hospital was especially concerned about maintaining cleanliness standards during construction, and keeping up with surgery schedules. "Roman's people were wonderful," she said. "They did an outstanding job. They always took our needs into account before doing their work."

St. Mary's subspecialties clinic was also extensively remodeled. The department includes three procedure rooms for minor orthopedic and general surgery, 35 exam rooms, and two x-ray rooms. New state-of-the art equipment was added. And the remodeled waiting room is now a bright, airy, calming space seating 153.

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