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"We Loved Roman!"

Rev. Deborah Block


"Excellent Job"....."Very Responsive"
"Good Job and Very Clean Install"

KM Development Project Executive Jim Theusch
Ring & DuChateau Electrical Engineer Chris Ulm


"Very Impressed" "Excellent Job"

Fr. Don Thimm, Holy Apostles Pastor
Lynn Howard, owner of LMH Lighting


"Top Quality Workmanship" "Very Good Job"

Greg Sabel, C.D. Smith Director of Construction
Gary Seigman, Whitefish Bay School District Building & Grounds Supervisor


“Wonderful Working with Roman”

Gary Rosploch, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Muskego Norway School District

“Fantastic Job” “Excellent Job”

Scott Weas, a Weas Development Co. Partner
Dave Rhoda, Project Manager, KBS Construction

“So impressed with Their Responsiveness” ”Outstanding Job” “Awesome”

Greg Golick, Senior Director of Construction Management for Corinthian Colleges
Scott Henricks, VJS Project Manager
Mark Sullivan, Everest President

“Really Great Job” “Very Pleased”

Tiffany May, Berghammer Project Manager
Marcia Spector, Seeds of Health Executive Director


“Very Helpful…Nice Job”

Joel Krueger, Project Architect and Manager, Kubala Washatko Architects

"Real Nice Job" "Highly Pleased"

Greg Odden, Scherrer Project Manager
Pastor Dr. Bob Bardin, Chapel on the Hill

"Very Pleased"

Sr. Andrea Katarzyna Andrzejewska, OP, Nursing Home Administrator

“Fine Job…Very Efficient”

Fr. Jan Kieliszewski, Pastor, Saint Augustine of Hippo Catholic Church

“Real Good Job”

Greg Sabel, Project Manager, C.D. Smith Construction of Fond Du Lac

“Roman’s Crew Did an Excellent Job.”

Washington County Engineer Bruce Zellner

“Excellent Job” “Always Perform Well”

Michael Byrne, Vice President, Briohn Builders Corp.
City of Milwaukee Architect Michael Kraus

“We’re Ecstatic…Exemplary Job”

Steve Dragos, Milwaukee County Managing Engineer




"We Loved Roman!"

Immanuel Presbyterian Church, the oldest congregation in Milwaukee, marked its 177th anniversary this year with a two-story addition. Constructed at the southeast corner of the building, the addition matches the exterior of the original, which was built in 1875. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.


General contractor on the job was Berghammer Construction. Roman Electric handled the electrical work.


Space for the unusual addition was added by excavating beneath the existing building. Then the new building, on the first floor and lower level, was constructed of a limestone exterior with trim of red and gray sandstone and Scottish granite to look exactly like the original.


Roman removed the existing electrical service and added a new 1200 amp service with new metering - a complete replacement of the entire power system. All the lighting in the church was replaced with LED lighting. Ceiling lighting was accessed through the attic and retrofitted with recessed LED can lights.


In the chancel and choir loft area Roman installed LED horizontal strip lights to highlight the ceiling, and vertical LED spots and floods to accent specific features on both sides of the chancel. With banks of dimming controls, all lighting can be adjusted to yield the light desired for each activity. The improved lighting system reduces wattage consumed by about 40%.



The lower level is lighted with fluorescent U tube lamps and fluorescent lay in tubes. Outdoor lighting includes accent LED spotlights illuminating the stone columns, walkway bollard lighting and LED pole lamps in the parking lot.


Senior Pastor Rev. Deborah Block said, “The finished job is beautiful. Roman did everything in the new construction from the parking lot lighting to the upgraded sanctuary lighting. We loved Roman!


“They were here from the beginning of the project ‘til the end so we got to know them well. They were great to work with and very responsive to project needs. There would be complications, changes and additions and they always came through.”

Pat Konkel was Berghammer job superintendent and Matt Iwanski was Berghammer project manager. Roman foreman was Paul Courtney. He began his electrical apprenticeshp with Roman in 1982 and has been with the contractor since then.



"Excellent Job"....."Very Responsive" "Good Job and Very Clean Install"

The old Pabst tank storage building and part of its decaying neighborhood have been creatively restored to impressive use as the UWM Zilber School of Public Health, 1240 N. 10th St.

KM Development was construction manager, Ring & DuChateau LLP was the electrical engineer and Epstein Uhen Architects designed the job. Roman Electric was the electrical contractor. Roman TechNet installed the voice and data systems.

KM Development Project Executive Jim Theusch said the job included lots of energy efficient lighting and electrical systems, with flexible voice and data systems designed for future use and expansion. “Roman did an excellent job on lighting and power like they always do,” he said. “They’re very good to work with and very responsive. Their foreman Mike Wileman is very knowledgeable, experienced, easy to work with, and a very good problem solver.”

Ring & DuChateau designed the lighting, power, fire alarms, telecommunications and security so Roman worked according to their specs. Their Electrical Engineer Chris Ulm said, "Roman did really well. I was impressed with them. They were very professional and Phil Rose was really easy to work with. If a problem came up, they offered a solution. They did a good job and a very clean install."


Complex Telecommunications System Installed by Roman TechNet

Roman TechNet cable technician/foreman Dan Patterson said the building redesign called for different types of ceilings on each floor which made their job a challenge. Included were wooden panels, soffits, drop tiles, metal panels and exposed ceilings.

“We had to adjust our cable pathways on each floor to accommodate the architectural look,” Dan said. “We spent more time planning and installing an extensive network of hundreds of J hook cable supports and 12 in. cable tray support systems than we did installing the data and telephone cable.”

The complex telecommunications system was designed to satisfy current cable needs with ample cabability for future expansion. Included were over 17 miles of category 6 cable serving 635 voice/data locations in walls, ceilings and modular furniture, 12 cable TV networks, and cabling for the card access system.


"Very Impressed" "Excellent Job"


Holy Apostles Catholic Church, 16000 W. National Ave., working in stages as funds became available, replaced its aging lighting with unique new lighting combining energy efficiency, beauty and flexibility.

Holy Apostles hired LMH Lighting to design the system and Roman Electric to install new energy saving compact fluorescent and LED lamps, and a new easy to operate ETC control system. The church can light, turn off and dim lamps to illuminate church events as needed, create dramatic scenes, and extend lamp life.

Fr. Don Thimm, Holy Apostles pastor, said Roman Electric had done period maintenance at the church. "For our first significant project with Roman, I was very impressed," he said, “but I only arrived here as pastor in June of 2012. Roman has been impressing the parish for some time.

“Their commercial service manager Barry Dickinson and foreman Ben Schiller were just outstanding in the design and implementation, and very respectful. Their suggestions and ideas during the installation continued to add value to the project. Their service was outstanding."

Lynn Howard, owner of LMH Lighting, said, "I worked with Roman's Ben Schiller on the aiming and adjusting of the sanctuary and altar LED lamps. Ben's good so the complex adjustments went pretty fast. He did an excellent job."



"Top Quality Workmanship" "Very Good Job"

The Village of Whitefish Bay completed a $22,000,000 construction and remodeling project that included major improvements to the high school, middle school, two elementary schools and the Lydell Community Center. The school received the 2012 Build Wisconsin Award from the Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin for these long-term renovation projects.


C.D. Smith Construction Services of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin was the general contractor. Bray Architects designed the projects. Roman Electric Co. Inc. handled all the electrical work and installed new fire alarm systems at the high school, elementary schools and Lydell Community Center. Roman VP Gabe Rose managed the project for Roman Electric.



At Whitefish Bay High School 24,000 sq. ft. of additions produced a music wing off the auditorium and new space between the gymnasium and the main building. Roman replaced the entire electrical distribution system during the summer while keeping the school in operation. Richards Elementary and Cumberland Elementary schools were each enlarged with 14,000 sq. ft. additions. The Whitefish Middle School was also extensively remodeled.


Greg Sabel, Director of Construction for C.D. Smith, said, “It was a complex project with a ton of remodeling. We were all over the place upgrading classrooms and electrical systems. Roman certainly made our job easier with their top quality workmanship. We were very pleased with their work throughout the entire project.” Gary Seigman, Whitefish Bay School District Building and Grounds Supervisor, said, “Roman did the electrical portion of the job. They were here a long time and did a very good job. We enjoyed them, got to know all their guys and things went along very well considering the size of the project and that it impacted five buildings.”





“Wonderful Working with Roman”

Gary Rosploch, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Muskego Norway School District, was very happy with Roman’s work on the expanded and renovated Muskego High School. Muskego High School’s expanded facility includes a 150,000 sq. ft. addition and remodeling of the existing 300,000 sq. ft. building. The addition includes a large gymnasium, multi-level cafeteria, large auditorium and science rooms. Hunzinger Construction was the general contractor and Roman Electric installed the electrical systems.

Gary Rosploch, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Muskego Norway School District, was very happy with Roman’s work. “Roman redid the entire electrical infrastructure, including replacing distribution,” he said. “They put in two new transformers with a larger service. We’ve got all new electrical panels, each properly identified and labeled, so we know where to go now if we have an electrical need. That’s a big plus for building operations.

“Roman did very well. It was wonderful working with Roman foreman Tom Hall and later project manager Tony Tiedemann. Roman not only did good work, they also cleaned up after finishing their jobs, and even did a lot of work off hours for us. They had second shift crews working, especially when we were in mid-construction during the Winter.

Roman installed electrical systems in Muskego’s 150,000 sq. ft. addition and the remodeled 300,000 sq. ft. main school building.

“Roman crews installed power, lighting and fire alarm system lines on a room-by-room basis to reduce disturbances to school activities. They’d complete one room each night and then move on to the next.

“Roman did a very nice job on our project.”








“Fantastic Job” “Excellent Job”

Scott Weas, a Weas Development Co. Partner. With the creative investment of $68 million, the moribund Kenilworth Building has been transformed into UWM housing and art studios, revitalizing the area. The huge structure, one of the largest buildings on the east side, covers an entire city block from Prospect Ave. to Farwell Ave. at Kenilworth Place.

Weas Development Co. developed the complex project for the UW system and the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee. RACM is the owner from whom UWM leases the buildings. KBS Construction was the general contractor. Roman Electric was the design/build electrical and voice/data/security cabling contractor.

Scott Weas, one of the developer’s partners, said, “The job was unusual in many ways, both in the public/private development structure for the UW System, and the architectural solution implemented. We cut a huge monolithic building in half to construct two attractive buildings. And we did it all in a short time frame to make the housing available for UWM’s fall semester. Our team certainly exceeded all of our expectations.”

Weas was pleased with Roman’s work. “Roman Electric did a fantastic job,” he said. “We put a lot of trust into a contractor under a design/build model. We get married early and if they can’t deliver we’re kind of stuck. Roman performed from beginning design, early budgeting and preconstruction services through managing and designing the overall project.

The seven-story Kenilworth Square Apartments on Farwell Ave. has 174 units with housing for up to 374 UWM graduate and upper level students. It also has ground floor retail space.“Too often what we hear from our partners is, ‘we’ve got a problem, how are you going to solve it?’ Roman would say ‘here’s the problem, here are your available solutions, help us choose the best option.’ They did very well at meeting overall performance specs and quality standards.” Roman project managers were Bob Czajka and Greg Blaney.

KBS Construction project manager Dave Rhoda said the project was a difficult job requiring structural demolition to separate the existing building into two, then design and construct each to fit its respective function.

“Roman did an excellent job,” he said. “The buildings were designed with unique exposed features including conduit, bus duct and cable trays. Roman did a great job working with the architect to make all the exposed fixtures and infrastructure fit esthetically. I can’t say enough about the work of president Phil Rose and foremen Kevin Schlax and Dave Broz.”




“So Impressed with Their Responsiveness” “Outstanding Job” “Awesome”

Roman Electric installed the electrical systems for two new schools where timely construction was critical. One was renovating an old warehouse for Corinthian College. The other was converting another old building into an unusual high school for Seeds of Health.

The new Milwaukee campus for Everest College is at 1311 N. 6th St. in Haymarket Square. Everest College

Corinthian Colleges, Inc., one of the largest for-profit post-secondary education companies in North America with three different schools, opened a Milwaukee campus for Everest College.

Greg Golick, Senior Director of Construction Management for Corinthian Colleges, Inc. said he wasn't much involved with Roman Electric because Corinthian hired a construction manager, Jones Lang LaSalle, which hired general contractor VJS Construction Services, which in turn hired Roman Electric.

Greg Golick, Senior Director of Construction Management for Corinthian Colleges, said he was so impressed with Roman’s responsiveness that he looks forward to working with them again as soon as possible.

But Greg became aware of them later. "At crunch time at the end of the job," he said, "we had a crisis. We couldn't get our occupancy permit because the city inspector added new electrical requirements at the last hour. Within 24 hours Roman had procured and installed several new exit signs and additional lighting even though they were not responsible for it. I was so impressed with their responsiveness in coming to our aid at my request that I look forward to working with them again as soon as possible."

Scott Henricks, project manager for VJS, said, “Roman did an outstanding job. We had to work through an array of changes and had a lot of different hoops to jump through. For a job that ran like a fire drill, there was little of the yelling that sometimes happens on rush jobs. Roman did a bang up job.”

Mark Sullivan, Everest president, said, “Roman was awesome. They took the time to walk me through the entire electrical system, show me how it worked and explain all the bells and whistles. It was above and beyond what I expected of them.”






“Really Great Job” “Very Pleased”

A 12,000 sq. ft. former retail store was converted into the 7th through 12th grade blended virtual charter school MC Squared. MC2 School

MC2, a public charter high school at 131 South 1st St., is the first blended virtual school for 7th through 12th grade students in Milwaukee. The school is operated by Seeds of Health, Inc., dedicated to serving the educational needs of urban children in Milwaukee.

Tiffany May, project manager for Berghammer, general contractor for the high school conversion, said, “We started in early July and turned it over the end of August. We basically had six weeks to convert a 12,000 sq ft former retail store into a school. Roman did great. They performed the job on a design/build basis.

Tiffany May, Berghammer Project Manager, said Roman played a major role in the project.

“Roman provided appropriate manpower to meet the demanding schedule. Phil Rose understood the job from the start, and designed it accordingly. Roman played a major role in the project team because, as a virtual school, significant electrical work was required to install 100 computer stations into the space.”

Marcia Spector, Seeds of Health executive director, said, “After a lot of evaluation, we decided to buy an old third ward building and rehab it for a new school. Much electrical work was required to rebuild the old building into MC2. Roman did a great job installing the new technology needed for the school. We’re very pleased with Roman’s work.“













“Very Helpful…Nice Job”

The new Schlitz Audubon Nature Center features an impressive exhibition hall with timber framing from trees harvested on-site. Schlitz Audubon Nature Center’s (SANC) very unique, very “Green” new Education and Visitor’s Building may reach Platinum level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

SANC wanted a “sustainable” building with limited reliance on energy and technology, and constructed using recycled and recyclable materials. The recently completed $5.5 million building features an array of unique construction concepts ranging from geothermal heat pumps for heating and cooling, to site-harvested lumber for timber framing, to photovoltaic generation of electricity. Roman Electric was the electrical contractor for the 35,000 sq. ft. building.

Sustainable construction features include a fully automated HVAC system, R-35 insulation in the walls and R-60 in the ceilings, natural and heat-recovery ventilation, building materials with low levels of volatile organics, and building design elements like thicker wall mass, functional overhangs and roof pitches, and site grading to help reduce energy demands.

Photovoltaic cells mounted on the upper panels convert sunlight directly into electricity. Roman Electric installed a 10-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system which uses semiconductor technology to convert sunlight directly into electricity. The system is simple, quiet, requires no moving parts, lies flat on the roof, and has solid state inverters which convert the direct current produced into alternating current used by the building.

Roman installed an 800 amp service and a state-of-the-art lighting system to work in concert with the natural lighting. Features like time-of-day controls, ambient light sensors, and occupancy sensors limit and override hands-on control of lighting.

Joel Krueger, project architect and manager for building designer Kubala Washatko Architects, said, “Because so much documentation is needed, we probably won’t know until six months after completion whether the building qualified for Platinum level LEEDs Certification.” Joel added, “Roman was very helpful in researching, understanding and installing the photovoltaic system. There’s a lot of electrical wiring hidden under the roof ridge cap and running into the meter that delivers power to the building. Roman did a nice job.”

General contractor on the job was The Jansen Group with project manager Monique Charlier. John Perse was Roman project manager and John Johnson was foreman.




"Real Nice Job" "Highly Pleased"

Chapel on the Hill, an independent community-based church in Lake Geneva, built a three story 8,400 sq ft addition and remodeled over 7,000 sq ft of existing space. Pastor Dr. Bob Bardin said, “It’s been a great addition.”


Scherrer Construction was the general contractor and Roman Electric Company, Inc. was the electrical contractor, each working on a design/build basis.


Greg Odden, project manager on the job for Scherrer, said the addition was put on the back corner of the facility but you don’t feel like you’re in a distant wing. He said, “The building, in a natural setting, feels like an ideal place to work. You look out the windows and you’re in the tree tops in a well maintained wooded area. You look down the hill and see the lake.”


The expansion added or improved a variety of functions. On the upper level are offices for the pastor and associate pastor, a large conference room, a library and a new kitchen. The next two levels down provide new space for education and social activities for high school, middle school and younger students. A new acoustically designed choir room, adult classrooms, and two bathrooms were also added.


Greg said, “Gabe Rose, who managed the project for Roman, was very enjoyable to work with. At one of our first meetings Gabe walked through the entire project with the owner’s rep and the pastor. During a room to room tour he gave them a detailed description of what each completed area would contain in power, lighting, energy savings, and data points, where they would be located and how they would look. That helps a lot. Owners don’t always know and they’re embarrassed to ask.”


Pastor Bardin said, “Jeff Muth was the foreman for Roman but had many other electricians working with him. And of course Jeff is a member here. We were highly pleased with Jeff’s and Roman’s work.”


Greg said the work was very enjoyable, a real seamless job. “This was the first time I worked with Roman,” he said. “They did a real nice job. Their foreman Jeff Muth was very professional. I’ve known him for years, but you know when people are a cut above. And you know it with him. He did a good job for Roman, watched out for the owner and even the other contractors. Cooperation like that is always to everyone’s benefit.”




"Very Pleased"


Addition to St. Ann Rest Home Adds Space and Improved Systems


St. Ann Rest Home, a fixture on Milwaukee's South Side at 2020 S. Muskego Ave., has completed a three-story addition including 13,500 sq. ft and 1,500 sq. ft. in the basement.


Among other things, St. Ann needed dining facilities on the second and third floors, and a full sprinkler system to meet federal mandates. The Rest Home now features state-of-the-art HVAC and electrical systems, two large community rooms for dining and other activities, six new patient rooms, and a beautiful balcony.


St. Ann’s is run by Dominican Sisters from Poland, all of whom speak Polish and wear the traditional habits. The nuns and the residents are very happy with their expanded facility. Steigerwald Construction was the design/build contractor on the project. Roman Electric was design/build electrical contractor on the $2 million second phase addition.


Roman handled all the electrical engineering and installation on the project. The existing electrical service to the building - the old grounded B 240 voltage - was inadequate to handle the addition, and lighting had to be upgraded to meet new energy code requirements. Roman installed a new 208 volt service to provide the needed power.


Mark Steigerwald, President of Steigerwald Construction, said the Dominican Sisters do a great job. "They're energetic, cheerful and keep the entire building impeccably clean," he said.


Mark said, "Roman did real well. They had everything in order and a good system in place.


Sr. Andrea Katarzyna Andrzejewska, OP, Nursing Home Administrator, said, "We are very pleased with Roman's work. We began with a brainstorming session to discuss the facility's needs and our design. When we have questions they always patiently explain what they're going to do and what we will accomplish. We like that. They are doing a nice, clean job and are easy to talk to."

“Fine Job…Very Efficient”

Working from a 125’ lift truck, Roman electrician Rick Woznicki installs lighting.After 99 years, Saint Augustine of Hippo Catholic Church, 2530 S. Howell Ave., has a new lighted clock on its bell tower. The clock face had been there since 1908 and the church finally had the clock mechanism put in late last year. They hired Roman Electric to install electricity and lighting for night-time viewing.

After 99 years, St. Augustine’s has a lighted clock on its bell tower.

“Roman sure did a fine job,” said Fr. Jan Kieliszewski, pastor. “They explained how they would light the clock and then very efficiently did it.” Roman project manager was Barry Dickenson. Electricians Mike Blankenmeyer and Rick Woznicki installed the power and lighting system.












“Real Good Job”

The new Training Academy in Franklin will be open to law enforcement agencies in Southeastern Wisconsin.The new Milwaukee County Sheriffs Training Academy will provide advanced law enforcement instruction in new techniques, weapons use, self-defense, dealing with suspects in real-life environments, handling inmates, etc.

Sheriffs Captain Mark Stieber said the 46,500 sq. ft. building at 9001 S. 68th St. in Franklin was built for $7.2 million, considerably under budget, and much faster than expected.

The beautiful entrance to the new Milwaukee County Sheriffs Training Academy features a tongue and groove pine ceiling, clerestory windows, architectural paver floor tiles, and decorative lighting.

Roman Electric's $500,000 contract included installing a 2000 amp service, electrical systems, lighting, communications networks, fire alarm systems, and assisting in design. Roman TechNet installed communications and data cable.

C.D. Smith Construction of Fond Du Lac was general contractor for the building. Project manager Greg Sabel said, "Roman did a real good job. They're easy to work with and very good at followup."

For Roman, Dick Sujecki was account manager and Bob Czajka project manager. Foremen were Mike Wileman and Brian Schauer.












“Roman’s Crews Did An Excellent Job”

Roman electrician Steve Tobias sets one of two decorative light fixtures on a concrete light pole at the new Washington County Fair Park in West Bend.Washington County has built a new 135 acre $14,000,000 Fair Park in West Bend after outgrowing its old one in Slinger. Designed for year-round use, the new facility includes a pavilion, several agricultural barns, a tractor-pull area and a grass amphitheater for outdoor shows.

Roman Electric installed power and lighting, and communications cable for the sound systems. Their work included a 600 amp and two 200 amp services, 27,000 feet of 2” and 4” electrical conduit, and seven power distribution transformers. Roman also placed 88 light poles throughout the grounds containing 102 light fixtures with 150 watt high pressure sodium lamps.

County engineer Bruce Zellner said, “I’m glad Roman foreman Toni Foti was on the job. He was very cooperative and a great help when the job became a coordination nightmare toward the end as the various contractors were rushing to finish the job in time for the opening. Roman’s crew did an excellent Job.”

Allan Czarnecki was the project electrical engineer and project architect was Kevin Buschey of BHS Architects.








“Excellent Job” “Always Perform Well”

The city of Milwaukee’s impressive new 230,000 sq. ft. DPW field headquarters facility was built on a 24 acre site at 3850 N. 35th St.The city of Milwaukee’s Departments of Public Works and Water Works have impressive new 230,000 sq. ft. field headquarters on a 24 acre site at 3850 N. 35th St. The comprehensive new facility was built to replace several older plants. It houses offices, and maintenance workshops for carpenters, electricians, fitters, and sewer and water technicians. The huge garage includes parking for 170 cars and trucks, truck wash and fueling equipment, and electrical receptacles for 102 truck engine block heaters.

Briohn Builders Corp. was design/build general contractor for the project. Roman Electric had a $1.3 million design/build contract for the electrical work.

The city’s huge garage has parking for 170 cars and trucks, truck wash and fueling capability, and electrical receptacles for 102 truck engine block heaters.
Briohn vice president Michael Byrne said the job was a large project to be completed in just nine months and Roman helped set the rapid pace. “Roman did an excellent job,” Byrne said. “Their project foreman Tom Hall was especially great to work with. Roman CEO Gerv Rose served as senior project manager. I’ve worked with Gerv for many years and he’s also exceptional to work with.”

City of Milwaukee architect Michael Kraus was the project manager for the city. “We’re very pleased with Roman’s work,” he said. “We’ve worked with them on a number of projects and they always perform well. Gerv Rose was an excellent person to work with on this job.”

Roman TechNet installed cable systems for telephone, data and paging. Jerry Trinkl was project manager.





“We’re Ecstatic…Exemplary Job”

Roman installed several gas powered generators for backup power including this 60 kilowatt unit.An improved backup power system to secure Milwaukee County’s radio communications network has been installed by Roman Electric. The trunked radio system, shared by the Sheriff’s Department and other municipalities, contains several radio sites spread out around Milwaukee County. The standby power system upgrade included adding several generators and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units with federal funding from Homeland Security.

Roman’s $600,000 contract included installing and setting up the new standby power systems. Roman also has a contract to inspect and maintain all the electrical equipment.

Steve Dragos, Milwaukee County managing engineer, said they had only a four month window to install the equipment and get it up and running. “We’re ecstatic here that we got it all completed in the short time frame we had,” he said. “Most people were doubtful that we could pull it off but Roman account manager Dick Sujecki did an exemplary job. He was extremely responsive and really took care of us. Roman project manager Bob Cjaika and foreman Russ Griswold were also very helpful.”


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